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A comprehensive financial ecosystem.
Manage and view all of your finances. Designed to empower people of any income, banking status, and level of financial literacy.

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Build Relationships

Smart matches powered by machine learning.
Lifesaver intelligently matches consumers with the best financial offerings from their community. Our platform allows users to discover, open, and manage accounts of any kind from institutions around the country.


discover customers

All of your products in one place.
Our platform allows community banks and credit unions to reach a large market of consumers with no investment in new infrastructure and systems.


ACCESS Affordable Technology

Fully customizable solutions, tailored to your needs.
Our members gain access to our network of APIs and fintechs, and receive omni-channel engagement, cross-selling solutions, digital marketing, user analytics, and sales-ready leads.


Engage Customers

Access to a large market of active, vetted mobile consumers.
We empower consumers with in-app educational resources to make free, informed financial decisions. Our financial health and literacy resources increase engagement and facilitate cross-selling.

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