Cross-sale on autopilot

We love community banks and credit unions. And you love the people who bank with you. We realize that the only thing more convenient than a trusted local branch is an app that makes banking easier for everyone. Lifesaver elevates your mobile experience so you can build a deeper bond with your customers.

How we help


An obvious solution for financial institutions

Lifesaver handles the technology part for you, so you can focus on being the best bank or credit union possible. Today, mobile banking is an essential part of customer service, and we’ve made it easy for everyone. Our human-centric platform offers smart recommendations, so your customers get more of what they already love from their favorite bank.


Better banking, all around

The more access people have to their bank, the better off they are. Better mobile banking means giving your customers more opportunities to save and plan for their future. Whether it’s their first checking account, getting a mortgage, or retirement strategy, Lifesaver is here to help.

The Best Part

With Lifesaver, any bank or credit union can offer intuitive mobile banking that puts cross-sale on autopilot without the implementation headaches. That means no integrations, hiring technology specialists, or special training for your team. 

And since everything on our end is compliant and secure, we’ve made it so easy for you to start offering more today.